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welcome to right steps

counselling, consulting, and support services.

life is a journey.

A journey which includes adventure, opportunity, and discovery; finding purpose and value in what we do. The journey, however, also includes challenge, adversity, and injury. It’s in these times of injury where we often struggle to move forward. Pain, fear, anxiety, and loss can be debilitating and overwhelming.

about us

With first-hand knowledge and exposure to the environment of First Responders, Spiritual Care Givers, and Front-Line Workers, Right Steps Counselling uses its experience and training in Trauma, Crisis counselling, and Conflict Resolution to help you move from injury to health.


Right Steps also offers Consulting and Support Services for Groups and Organizations who desire to proactively implement assistance and support for their members.


Operating from Brockville, ON, Right Steps is a member of OACCPP.


In-House Counsellor

Jonathan Zinck

Jonathan’s formal training includes a graduate degree from Queens University, certification in Trauma and Crisis Counselling, certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as well as CISM and other practical crisis support programs

Jonathan’s training, coupled with 28 years of professional experience as a Counsellor, Minister and Spiritual Care Provider, and as a Police Chaplain and Counsellor, allows him to provide wisdom and insight in an environment of safety and empathy. 



With experienced counsellors and support workers in trauma and crisis counselling, CBT, grief counselling, and conflict resolution, Right Steps provides 1 on 1 counselling and group support sessions. 



Right Steps will personally meet with your organization to assist your organization in the strategy, planning, and implementation of emotional support for your members. 


Support Services

Right Steps provides proactive training for your organization’s members, CISM debriefing, and assistance in support resourcing. 



To book an appointment or for general inquiries, send us an email and we'll be happy to talk to you.


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